For too long, we have lived in a world of competition and mistrust. Confidence in the healthcare system has taken a hit. It's time for an ecosystem of change.

From Sickcare to Healthcare

Together with decision-makers and key stakeholders from industry, academia, civil society, government, and media, we are creating a unifying initiative with one central goal.

Enhancing the role of the pharmaceutical solutions as a key to sustainable healthcare for humanity. Together and safely for the benefit of all people.

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That is why we are establishing the Future of Pharma Initiative in Basel, the cradle of pharma and a leading cluster of the life sciences activities, to promote international collaboration and address the most important issues.


Outcome Based Pricing

How to transition to an outcome and value based pricing?

Real World Evidence

How to build real world data driven solutions delivering value beyond clinical trials settings?

Personalized Medicine

How to move from “one size fits all” to truly personalised treatments?

Adherence & Drug Waste

How to increase adherence and reduce drugs wasted?

Medical Malpractice

How to reduce drug related complications and improve medical treatment decisions?

Preventive Medicine

How to build value-based business models for preventive healthcare systems?

Digital Health

How to leverage digital technologies to upgrade healthcare?

Patient Centricity

How to transition from drug centric to patient and healthcare professional centric?


Competition is great, co-creation is greater. How to build a collaborative pharmaceutical ecosystem?

Future Pharma Initiative 


The initiative sets up permanent working groups on the main topics, creates scientific publications, initiates projects and organizes regular events at the most important locations of the international life science ecosystem.

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